Objectives of the REPROMO Seminars:

The regional seminars are an important element of the Repromo Campaign. They fulfil the various campaign targets such as:

  • Preparation of the RE - Market Place presentations
  • Awareness raising and capacity building for RES actions in CEEC
  • Networking between stakeholders from EU- 15 and CEEC
  • Practical Setting:

  • One- day events
  • Cost-effective set-up - no participation fees
  • Focus on socio- economic aspects of RES actions and finances
  • Time period between October 03 and April 04
  • Seminars every 8 weeks

  • Previous Seminars

    Forum on Renewable Energies in Poland - 21. April 2004

    Fourth Seminar of RePromo - the Renewable Energy Promotional Campaign for the Realisation of Trans-national RES Projects in CEEC

    Forum on Renewable Energies in Estonia - 12. March 2004
    Third RePromo- Seminar parallel to the Int. Energy Fair Enerex 2004

    Forum on Renewable Energies in the Czech Republic - 16. January 2004

    Second RePromo- Seminar

    Forum on Renewable Energies in Hungary - 18. October 2003

    First RePromo- Seminar