In the REPROMO Publication "Who is Who in Bio- Energy and Solarenergy in Central and Eastern Europe" important findings of the REPROMO Campaign have been compiled, namely:
- Analysis of the electricity and heat market sectors in the countries of Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland
- Description of important manufacturers and financial institutes in CEEC
- Portraits of the REPROMO Best Practice.

Through this unique compilation of data the "Who is Who" Publications becomes a main support tool for any RE project development in CEEC.

The abstract of the "Who is Who" can be downloaded from this page. The publication itself can be ordered from the REPROMO partners WIP in Munich and ETA in Florence.

Abstract Who is Who in CEEC


The REPROMO Brochure is an important tool to raise the awareness for the strong potential of renewable energies in Central and Eastern Europe. It is available in electronic format on the internet. REPROMO Brochure