REPROMO will focus on four countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) with large renewable energy sources (RES).

The REPROMO Countries are:
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Hungary
  • Poland
Campaign Objectives

The REPROMO campaign aims to accelerate RES market penetration in the CEE region.
  • by compiling and disseminating all information relevant for RES actions in CEE.
  • by supporting the development of concrete project ideas.
  • by forging alliances around concrete RES actions out of manufacturers, financial institutes and project developers.

>>Structure of REPROMO

Expected impact and exploitation

The REPROMO campaign will result in presenting six very attractive and fairly advanced RES project ideas from Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary and Poland on the European Biomass Conference and the European PV Solar Energy Conference.
Along the campaign work REPROMO will elaborate materials and tools to support future RES actions and campaigns in CEEC, namely:
  • a RE related database for CEEC
  • two major publications called "Who is Who in Bio- Energy in CEEC" and "Who is who in Solar- Energy in CEEC"
  • Capacity building of stakeholders on four workshops
  • REPROMO Brochure for RES action in CEEC